As a real estate company operating at an international level, with a portfolio of high quality retail properties and more than 20 years of experience, we see ourselves as a developer and enabler of sustainable growth for our customers and ourselves. We do not rely on the status quo, but question it. We listen, anticipate needs, trends and market dynamics, make quick, experience-based decisions and offer customers in our shopping malls a special shopping experience.

We are convinced that sustainable growth is only possible in harmony between people and the environment – that is, with each other – and must serve the interests of all parties involved. That is why our success is based on real values such as trustworthiness, fairness, long-term partnerships and an unconditional quality standard when it comes to the development and management of our retail spaces and real estate. We develop real estate and retail space not for ourselves, but for the market and customers.

Our actions fill us with pride and joy, because with our work we make an important contribution to regional value creation and at the same time contribute to improving people’s quality of life.

By doing our best, we ensure that others can do their best.


VISIONAs a compass of the industry, we shape the future of shopping by creating places of encounter and well-being for all generations, in responsible partnership with our leaseholders, the environment and the region.
MISSIONWith our clear focus on quality, the highest level of retail expertise and our proximity to leaseholders and customers, we create strong, futurefocused and sustainability-oriented concepts for our locations. By focusing on the long term, on partnership and continuous further development, we allow ourselves and our leaseholders to achieve maximum added value and offer customers the best possible shopping experience.
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  1. Sustainbility

    Sustainability is not just a buzzword for Supernova, it has been lived practice for a long time. We follow only the highest sustainability standards in our daily actions and strive to continuously improve our ESG practices.

  2. Appreciation & Diversity

    Appreciation, mindfulness, diversity and equality as well as economic thinking and action are part of our DNA and guide our interaction in the team and with clients and partners. In doing so, we ensure that our actions are always in line with our values, our vision, the mission and our economic goals. True to our philosophy: we give our best so that others can give their best.

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  1. Added Value

    We enable sustainable growth for ourselves and our partners, offer customers a special shopping experience, contribute to regional value creation and create meaning and joy for the Supernova team.

  2. Environment Protection

    Environmental protection, reduction of CO2 emissions, but also our social responsibility are constant drivers of our actions. We are therefore working to ensure that we continue to develop the Supernova Group in line with our partnership with all our stakeholders and in harmony with our rapidly changing world.

Supernova Group sustainability strategy for download (PDF):


The UN Sustainable Development Goals for sustainable development play an essential role in our ESG strategy, and we focus on the goals that are most relevant to our business:

Derived from our 9 Sustainable Development Goals, we have defined three key thematic areas and defined concrete goals and measures for them:

Sustainable buildings
Attractive employer
Society and governance


The core competence of the Supernova Group is the acquisition, development and operation of properties in the shopping centre, retail park and DIY market segments in the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Austria and Slovakia.

Buildings account for 30% of carbon emissions and 40% of raw material and energy consumption worldwide. Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is therefore crucial for sustainability. A consistent reduction of energy consumption as well as an increase in energy efficiency in the portfolio but also the reduction of CO2 emissions are key factors for the energy transition.

  • Energy and emissions in planning. Construction and operation
  • Recyclability and durability of building materials
  • Sustainable mobility


Employees are the core of the Supernova Group DNA. Our employees were the only ones who made it possible for us to grow at such a high level in recent years.

The Supernova Group therefore invests in employee satisfaction, training and development, but also in the compatibility of family and work in the Supernova Group – and all this with diversity and equal opportunities in mind.

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Training and knowledge management
  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Reconciliation of family and work


Sustainability for the Supernova Group also means assuming responsibility towards society and the local community. We have therefore formulated a sustainable corporate strategy, subjected ourselves to a set of rules on compliance and have ourselves regularly audited in this regard. We also invest in our local partnerships and support communities where this seems necessary.

  • Sustainable corporate strategy
  • Business compliance inlcuding anti-corruption and money laundering prevention
  • Regional value creation