About Supernova

Real estate is our passion. Based in the heart of Europe, Supernova has been investing in the future for over 20 years.

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Our Projects

Supernova is based in Austria, in the heart of Europe. We have successfully implemented over 105 projects in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia.

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Scope of Work
  1. Strategy

    Sustainability is at the center of our corporate philosophy and is integrated in our core business activities. Supernova creates extraordinary locations and connects them with the ideal tenants.
    Advanced design and top quality construction form the foundation of successful management throughout the lifecycle of the real estate.

  2. Acquisition and Development

    Investing in real estate means adding value.
    Our many years of experience help us to recognize potential that might not be apparent to others. We understand that a successful transaction is a win-win for everyone involved. This is why we have decided to specialize in NPL transactions (Non Performing Loan transactions) in recent years.

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  1. Project Development

    It all starts with an idea – whether it’s an open field or an inner city real estate.
    Developing real estate is a process and it requires the know-how and of many experts in a variety of fields: architects, civil engineers, leasing specialists and financing professionals. Supernova unites all of these skills under one roof.

  2. Real Estate Management

    We’re by your side. Development does not end with the grand opening –
    it’s just a milestone.

    Sustainable asset, center and facility management is fundamental and it’s the foundation of our success. Everyday contact with public officials, our tenants and our clients means that we can quickly react to new opportunities and new challenges.

Facts & Figures

Successful Projects
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Asset Value
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Our dynamic portfolio is continuously being optimized by our highly skilled portfolio managers. We invest our money into selected projects, and we regularly market existing real estate.

  1. Sustainability

    Our main aim is sustainability and therefore we always try to achieve extended timeframes in holding a real estate by passing all compliance tests with excellence. Through this we don’t develop our buildings just for immediate resale.

  2. Continuity

    Due to our exceptionally high level of management skills, we are often assigned with the center and asset management, even after a successful sale has taken place.

Key Tenants

Supernova builds the best locations and finds the best tenants for them. Decades of successful cooperation with international brands are complemented by our tenant pool that is made up of high-quality local renters.
Our focus is on long-term, successful partnerships. Through our local center management, we ensure access to a competent point of contact at any time. Our large number of projects means that we can offer our tenants a presence in the best locations throughout the region.

  1. By your side

    Through our local center management, we ensure access to a competent representative at any time.

  2. More is more

    We can offer our tenants a presence in the best regional locations due to the large number of projects we’re involved in.

Our Partners

"Our long-standing cooperation with the Supernova Group has been marked by trust and success and we're looking forward to more collaborations in the future."
Sergio Giroldi OBI CEO
“Deichmann and Supernova have been involved in a long-standing and successful partnership in a number of countries, primarily Slovenia and Croatia. In these countries, many top retail projects were developed which Supernova continues to run. We value the Supernova Group and see them as a dependable partner. We’re looking forward to more new projects.”
Georg Müller CEO Deichmann CSEE
"We are pleased that the Supernova Group has chosen Erste Group Bank AG for its successful expansion in Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, and Slovenia. For us, this means assuming responsibility and being a partner."
Jozef Síkela Member of the Board of Corporate Banking & Markets, Erste Group Bank AG