About Supernova Group

Real estate is our passion.
Based in the heart of Europe, Supernova Group has been investing in the future for over 20 years.

Supernova Group is a leading private real estate company with a buy-and-hold investment strategy focused on high quality retail properties in Central and Eastern European countries with strong macroeconomic fundamentals. We broadly divide our portfolio properties into Single-tenant properties and Multi-tenant properties. Single-tenant properties comprise almost exclusively do-it-yourself stores located in Austria and leased under long-term agreements to OBI. Our Multi-tenant properties operated under the Supernova Group brand include shopping centers, shopping parks and retail parks, and these are primarily located in Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and Slovakia.

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  1. Strategy

    Sustainability is at the center of what we do. Supernova Group connects the best locations with the ideal tenants.
    Advanced design and top quality construction form the foundation of successful management throughout the lifecycle of the real estate.
    Our buy-and-hold investment strategy is the basis of our active end asset management through which we aim to continuously improve the quality of our properties and ensure they meet and maintain our Supernova Group standards.

  2. Acquisition

    Investing in real estate means adding value.
    We remain focused on continuing to increase the size of our portfolio. Our many years of experience help us to recognize potential that might not be apparent to others. We understand that a successful transaction is a win-win for everyone involved. For all our acquisitions we apply strict investment criteria: physical property visits by two general managers, legal, tax and technical due diligences procedures as well as valuations by independent appraisers.

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  1. Advancement

    Active asset management is an ongoing process.
    The main focus of our active asset management approach is to enhance the quality and value of our real estate as well as increase the appeal of our objects for both customers and tenants. This includes the reduction of overall operating costs, optimizing the tenant mix and creating new rental space. Further advancement of real estate is a process, and it requires input from many experts in a variety of fields: architects, civil engineers, leasing specialists and financing professionals. The Supernova Group unites all of these skill sets under one roof.

  2. Center and Facility Management

    We’re by your side. Development does not end with the grand opening – it’s just a milestone.
    Not only active asset management but also sustainable center and facility management is fundamental, and it’s the backbone of our success. Everyday contact with public officials, our renters and our clients means that we can quickly react to new opportunities and new challenges.

History of Supernova
Started as a developer of retail assets to become an institutional investor with a buy-and-hold approach.
More than 201 real estate projects completed since establishment.
  • 1994
  • 2000
  • 2002
  • 2005
  • 2008
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2017/18
  • 2018
  • Q1/2019
  • Q4/2019
  • Q2/2020
  • Q4/2020
  • Q1/2021
  • Q4/2021
  • Q2/2022
  • Q2/2023
Foundation of Supernova by Frank Philipp Albert in 1994 with focus on development, management and sale of commercial real estate in Austria
Opening of self-developed Austrian retail parks Leoben & Zwettl
Supernova enters Slovenia through the development of 2 "Do-It-Yourself" ("DIY") stores as well as 2 shopping centres in Ljubljana and Koper
Opening of fully refurbished mixed use property Am Eisernen Tor 1, Graz
Supernova expands its activities into Croatia through the development of 3 retail properties in Zagreb
Opening of shopping centre Supernova Ljubljana in Slowenia
Sale of significant parts of Slovenian portfolio to Pramerica
Opening of shopping centre Supernova Zadar in Croatia
Opening of OBI flagship-store and headquarter in Vienna
Opening of shopping park Supernova Zagreb Buzin in Croatia
€300m acquisition of 56 bauMax DIY stores in Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia
Acquisition of Croatian retail / shopping park portfolio for €70m
Portfolio sale of 9 OBI DIY stores
Acquisition of inner city shopping centre Supernova Cvjetni in Zagreb for €50m
Acquisition of €60m shopping centre portfolio in Croatia to gain market leadership in the country
Opening of expansion of shopping centre Supernova Zadar in Croatia
Acquisition of 10 sites in Slovenia for EUR 116m and increase of the market leadership.
Acquisition of 10 Qlandia assets in Slovenia for EUR 220m, increasing the Slovenian leadship further on.
Opening of the new retail park Supernova Požega in Croatia
Market entry in Romania through acquisition of the shopping center Jupiter City in Pitesti for EUR 20,25 Mio.
Portfolio sale of 6 Austrian DIY stores to the Collins Group.
Aquisition of six shopping centers in Romania from the French Louis Delhaize and Galimmo Groups, owner of Cora hypermarket formats.
Aquisition of 4 MAX centers in Slovakia.
Purchase of the Kika/Leiner portfolio

Part of our multi-tenant portfolio is held as a joint venture with MTK group, which was founded by Tilmar Hansen. We always strengthen that important part of our company group as well.

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