Supernova Varaždin

Supernova Varaždin is designed as a one-stop shopping park that allows customers to run several errands in a single place. It is located on one of the main streets of the city and has direct access from several directions, which is why shoppers from the city and from the surrounding area, are provided with quick and easy shopping. The retail park consists of three independent buildings with a total area of more than 17,700 sqm that surround the large parking area for customers. Shopping and entertainment are inseparable and inevitable in Supernova Varaždin, the largest shopping destination in the county.

It's all about the sizeSupernova Varazdin is the largest shopping center in its county (of the same name)
Perfectly locatedDirectly located on Optujska cesta, the main road on route to Slovenia
Convenient shopping due to its special layout The three independent buildings and the shops, which are all directly accessible from the parking spaces make the shopping experience even more convenient.

With 17,700 sqm Supernova Varaždin is the largest retail park in its county. With well-known international and local brands like Spar, Müller, CCC, Jysk, C&A, Elipso and Deichmann, Supernova Varaždin is a perfect place to get all kind of necessary goods, such as shoes, electronic devices, fashion items and homeware. As is the case for all Supernova retail parks, convenience for our customers is a top priority. The retail park has 700 parking spaces that are located directly in front of the individual stores, decreasing the time that customers need to access the shops.

  • 2009
  • 2015
  • 2020
Opening of the retail park Supernova Varaždin
Opening of the DIY-store BAUWELT
Reconstruction of the DIY area: it will be converted into a retail park area, containing space for five more shops in order to offer even more possibilities to the customers.

The Supernova Varaždin Retail Park opened in 2009. It is situated directly on the frequently travelled primary route between the Varaždin city center and the City of Ptuj in Slovenia.

Facts & Figures

Number of shops
Occupancy rate
Lettable area
in (t) sqm
Retail Park
Optujska 171 A/B/C, 42000 Varaždin
Project history
Opening: 2009, reconstruction (DIY to retail park): 2020 / 2021
Lettable Area
17,700 sqm
Number of shops
Number of parking spaces
Anchor tenants
Spar, CCC, Jysk, C & A, Müller, Elipso, Deichmann.
Opening hours
Mon-Sat 09.00-21.00
Sun 09.00-14.00
Best services
Parking Free parking right in front of the shops
ATM Easily withdrawing cash directly at Supernova Varaždin
City Bus Supernova Varaždin is easily accessible by a city bus going from the city center to the retail park
Info point Always ready to help
Gift Card Supernova Varaždin is one of the 13 centers, where customers can buy and pay with the Supernova gift card.
Pinggera, MBA