This shopping center, located in the middle of the Rudnik business district, was opened in 2009. With more than 70 shops and approximately 30,000 square meters of retail space, it is the largest shopping center in this area of the city. It is easily accessible by all means of transportation (highway exit as well as access to public transportation) and due to its family-friendly atmosphere, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. This is also shown by the high visitation rate of over six million visitors in 2016.

Based on the high demand coming from both customers and tenants, a considerable expansion of the existing shopping center is currently in development. Completion is planned for 2019. When it opens to the public, the Shopping Center Supernova Ljubljana will contain approximately 50,000 square meters of rentable space. There will be over 130 shops, including both local and international brands, and with the new parking garage there will be about 2,300 parking spaces available.



Download: Facts & Figures about Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik

Pinggera, MBA